9 Unique Majors Offered at Florida Colleges

If you want to study something unique in college with a direct career path, there are plenty of programs at Florida colleges that meet that criteria. Check our list below to see if any of these unique majors might be right for you!


Art Therapy – UT / FSU

Art Therapy is a career that combines the visual arts with psychology. It is used to help people communicate and deal with their emotions by creating art. Masters programs in Art therapy can be found all across the country, but the University of Tampa is among a small group of schools that has an undergraduate program. A degree in Art Therapy from UT is a great way to start your career right. If you want to continue your education Florida State University offers a renowned graduate program in Art Therapy as well.


American Indian and Indigenous Studies – UF

Degrees related to American Indians and Indigenous Peoples are not all that rare in the United States, but they are a bit harder to find on the East Coast than they are in the west and central parts of the company. The University of Florida is the only college in Florida that offers the degree. This can be a very rewarding choice of major for people hoping learn about the cultures of the Native American groups specific to Florida.

Deaf Studies – USF

Deaf Studies is an excellent major for students who want to become American Sign Language interpreters or seek careers in enriching the lives of deaf Americans. Though many colleges offer sign language classes, there are only a handful of colleges across the country that have deaf studies majors. A degree in Deaf Studies from The University of South Florida prepares students for all kinds of careers involving working with deaf communities.

Maritime Studies – UWF

Maritime Studies is a liberal art major that explores the relationship between mankind and water. It focuses on many aspects of the sea though the studies of Science and Humanities. There are a few schools in the United States that offer Maritime Studies programs, but the University of West Florida is one of the best. The program at UWF is designed to fit a variety of different careers. It offers a lot of flexibility for students to design the degree around their individual interests and goals.


Coastal Environmental Sciences – Flagler

There are few states better suited to a degree in Coastal Environmental Studies than Florida. Florida has the second longest coastline in the country after Alaska, so coastal issues are very important to the future of this great state. The Coastal Environmental Studies major at Flagler College deals with environmental issues specific to the coast. There are many career opportunities in Florida for people with this degree.


Franchising Management – Northwood

Franchising Management is a brand new major offered for the first time in 2014 at Northwood University. This is a business major that focuses on franchising for both franchisors and franchisees. Northwood University is offering students a unique opportunity to learn about franchising from the ground up. The degree is sure to lead to many jobs in the franchising industry.


Family Enterprise – Stetson

Though it is possible to run a family business with a standard business degree, Stetson offers students the opportunity to learn the right way to mix business and family. Their Family Enterprise major is an ideal major for students hoping to start or take over a family business. It can also lead to a career in advising other family businesses. Though it is no longer the only Family Business program in the country, Stetson was the first college to offer this major and it is still the only college in Florida with the program.


Sports Marketing and Media – Full Sail

Sports Marketing is a degree that teaches students about marketing, specifically how it relates to sports. There are a few colleges across the country that offer degrees in Sports Marketing, but Full Sail is unique in its addition of Media studies. Students here learn not only to become savvy marketers, but also to create content on the internet to help market sports teams more completely.


Citrus – FL Southern

Florida Southern College’s Citrus degree is the only undergraduate degree of its kind in the country.  Here students learn everything there is to know about growing citrus fruits in one of the country’s top citrus producing states. Students at Florida Southern work hand and hand with local professionals and make professional connections that can carry throughout their entire career.