Florida Animal Law regarding Pet Ownership

Do you know which animals you can keep as pets in Florida?

In Florida, the laws regarding exotic and wild animals as pets is specified in FLA. ADMIN. CODE ANN. r. §68A-6.002 which classifies animals into classes. General guidelines are listed here. See Source for more details.

Class I  animals are illegal to possess:

Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Gibbons, Drills and mandrills, Orangutans, Baboons, Siamangs, Gelada baboons, Snow leopards, Leopards, Jaguars, Tigers, Lions, Bears, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Hippopotamuses, Cape buffalos, Crocodiles (except dwarf and Congo), Gavials, Black caimans, Komodo dragons

Class II animals are allowed only with a permit:

Howler monkeys, Uakaris, Mangabeys, Guenons, Bearded sakis, Guereza monkeys, Celebes black apes, dris, Macaques, Langurs, Douc langurs, Snub-nosed langurs, Proboscis monkeys, Servals, European and Canadian lynx Cougars, panthers, Bobcats, Cheetahs, Caracals, African golden cats, Temminck’s golden cats, Fishing cats, Ocelots, Clouded leopards, Coyotes, Gray wolves, Red wolves, Asiatic jackals, Black-backed jackals, Side-striped jackals, Indian dholes, African hunting dogs, Wolverines , Honey badgers, American badgers, Old World badgers, Binturongs, Hyenas, Dwarf crocodiles, Alligators cainans, Ostrich, Cassowary

Class III animals can be owned with no permit:

Reptiles, amphibians (nonvenomous, unprotected), Gerbils, hedgehogs, Honey possums, sugar gliders, brushtailed possums, Shell parakeets, Rats and mice, Canaries, Moles; shrews, Rabbits, Squirrels; chipmunks, Ferrets (domestic; European), Lovebirds, Guinea pigs, Cockadels, Hamsters, Parrots, Finches, Myna birds, Toucans, Doves; ringed, ruddy, and diamond, Button quail, Prairie dogs, Chinchillas

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