Shuttle Launch View from Cape Canaveral Beach

Spend the day at the beach and watch a shuttle launch

There are many places throughout Central East Florida where you can view a shuttle launch and plenty of articles online that show the locations including google’s map of best places here.

Google only includes the obvious places closer to the launch. For this launch, we went to Cape Canaveral Beach here:

It is fun to make an outing of viewing a Shuttle Launch and I highly recommend planning a day out with plans for spending extra time where ever you decide to view the launch. Many launches get delayed an hour or two and you have to be prepared to spend time, have snacks, activities and plenty to drink on a hot summer day.

Viewing from the beach is highly recommended as you can enjoy a full day of the beach and get to see a launch while you are there. For this launch, we spent the day at Cape Canaveral beach and it was a perfectly gorgeous day.

Here’s the Kennedy Space Center’s video of the launch.

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