Former Bachelor Contestants from Florida and Where They Are Now

Spoiler: None of them are married to their Bachelor

After watching the premier of The Bachelor’s new season this week, I noticed that there are three contestants from Florida: Catherine Agro, the aggressive DJ from Fort Lauderdale; Katie Morton, who is originally from Oviedo, but currently lives in California; and Nicole Lopez-Alvar, a social media coordinator from Miami. All three contestants made it through the first elimination, so we’ll be keeping an eye them going forward.

But Bachelor contestants from Florida is nothing new, there are some in almost every season. In fact, some of Bachelor Nation’s favorite and most controversial members are Floridians. So that made me curious about Floridians from seasons past and what they’ve been up to since. Unfortunately, information about seasons prior to season 9 is not readily available, so this list only contains contestants from season 9 and on. Contestants eliminated in week 1 are also not included here, since they never had a chance to really be a part of Bachelor Nation.

Jennifer Wilson

Season 9: Lorenzo

Image Credit: ABC

Our first Florida girl was the winner of her season, though Italian America cosmetics entrepreneur, Lorenzo did not propose to her at the end. They continued dating as the show aired, but broke up shortly after. Before going on the show, Jennifer was a teacher in Pembroke Pines. After her trip to Rome for the Bachelor, she returned to Florida, eventually got married, and became a wellness coach. She mostly keeps out of the public eye now.

Erin Gardner

Season 11: Brad #1

Image Credit: ABC

Erin came on to Brad’s first season as a Publishing sales executive from Tampa. She only made it to week 2 before being sent home. Since the show aired she has stayed out of the public eye. She currently works as a brand strategist and lives in San Francisco.

Amanda Rantuccio

Season 12: Matt

Image Credit: Amanda’s Instagram

At the start of Matt’s season, Amanda was living in Orlando and working as an account executive. She made it to Matt’s final 3 before being sent home. When she brought Matt home, she had one of the most memorable hometown dates ever after hiring actors to play her parents and make him feel as uncomfortable as possible. She now lives in California and works in brand marketing.

Ashlee Williss

Season 12: Matt

Image Credit: Ashlee’s Instagram

Ashlee hailed from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She made it through to week 4 on the British Bachelor’s season. Before the season began, Ashlee was already trying to make a career as a singer-songwriter. She continued on this path after the show ended as well. She was moderately successful in this endeavor, singing backstage at several award shows and performing with lots of famous musicians. Her most recent music was released in 2014. She is now living in LA and working as a DJ.

Vienna Girardi

Season 14: Jake

Image Credit: Vienna’s Twitter

The second Bachelor winner from Florida (originally from Sanford) was the villain of her season. She and Jake broke up dramatically after only a few months together and both went to appear on the 2nd season of The Bachelor Pad where they caused even more drama. She most recently made news in 2017 for opening up to the media about her miscarriage. She is still unmarried, but has a boyfriend from Orlando.

Corrie Adamson

Season 14: Jake

Image Credit: Corrie’s Facebook

Plot lines on The Bachelor are barely ever new. Way before Colton became most known for his virginity, Kissimmee native, Corrie, caught Jake off guard by revealing that she was a virgin 9 years ago. Years after leaving the show, she married Chris Coghlan, a Major League Baseball player, in 2011 and they adopted their first son together in 2016.

Kimberly Coon

Season 15: Brad  #2

Image Credit: Kimberly’s Instagram

Kimberly was originally from Orlando. She was let go from the show in week 3 and was mostly known for cursing Brad during her exit interview. She left the Sunshine State to become an on air host on WCCB in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jacqueline Parr

Season 17: Sean

Image Credit: Jacqueline’s Instagram

Jackie came onto the show as a makeup artist (or “cosmetic consultant” as she titled herself on the show) from Ormond Beach. She was one of Sean’s quieter matches, but she made it to week 5 before being eliminated. She went on to appear on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise and made it to the end with Zack Kalter from Des’s season. They split at the end of the season. She is still a Florida-based makeup artist and is currently engaged and soon to be married.

Leslie Hughes

Season 17: Sean

Image Credit: Leslie’s Instagram

Ruskin, Florida native Leslie Hughes came onto Sean’s season an aspiring actress and model and current poker dealer. She was eliminated in week 4 and has since been very vocal about the show and her experience as a woman of color on it. She doesn’t seem to be living in Florida full time anymore, but her instagram shows that she still spends lots of time here.

Renee Oteri

Season 18: Juan Pablo

Image Credit: Renee’s Instagram

Juan Pablo’s season had the most Florida girls, with six in total. Unsurprising, considering that Juan Pablo is from Miami. Unfortunately, most of the girls did not go very far with only 3 making it past the first week. Renee was the most successful when she made it to the final 4. She came onto the show as a real estate agent and single mom from Sarasota. Being eliminated from the show was obviously not too much of a heart breaking experience for her. She got married mere months later to her “Best friend of 22 years” according to her instagram. They now have two sons together they are raising along with her older son. She works as an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant.

Amy Long

Season 18: Juan Pablo

Image Credit: Amy’s Instagram

Amy is from Clermont and went to Florida State University. She might not have made it far on the Bachelor, being eliminated in week 2, but she has found plenty of success since leaving. She is currently a host on Nascar Trackside Live and a Party Facilitator. She now lives in Santa Monica, California.

Chantel Forrest

Season 18: Juan Pablo

Image Credit: ABC

Chantel also didn’t make it past week 2. She’s originally from Miami, but graduated from the University of Florida and is currently a resident of Gainesville. She has kept her personal life private since leaving the show.

Tracy Darakis

Season 19: Chris

Image Credit: ABC

Before coming onto the show, Tracy was a 4th grade teacher in Wellington. She unfortunately didn’t make enough of an impression on Chris and was eliminated in week 3. Since the show she has left the education profession and become a Sales Representative. She was married in 2017 to a man she reportedly met right before she went on the show.

Tara Eddings

Season 19: Chris

Image Credit: Tara’s Instagram

Tara is most known for getting very drunk on the first night, reinforcing South Florida’s party reputation, as she’s from Fort Lauderdale. She managed to make it past the first night, but then was eliminated in week 2. On the show she was vocal about her passion for sport’s fishing, and that has not changed. She currently works for a company that sells fishing supplies called Hooker Electric. She might not have had much luck on The Bachelor, but she has been lucky in love since, getting married to her sweetheart last year.

Jennifer Saviano

Season 20: Ben H

Image Credit: Jennifer’s Instagram

Jennifer was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and went to college at Flagler College. She managed to get Ben’s attention, but she was eliminated in week 5. She later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise season 3 where she had a relationship with future bachelor, Nick Viall, which unfortunately did not end well. She now runs a lifestyle and travel blog called Miss Lifestyler. She has since moved to Nashville.

Jubilee Sharpe

Season 20: Ben H

Image Credit: Jubilee’s Instagram

Jubilee was born in Haiti, but moved to the US after a series of tragic circumstances, many of which were discussed on the show. Eventually she ended up in Fort Lauderdale and joined the army. She only made it to week 5, but her popularity with fans got her a spot on Bachelor in Paradise seasons 3 and 5. She didn’t end up finding love on any of those shows, so now she’s back to searching for it at home in Fort Lauderdale.

Samantha Passmore

Season 20: Ben H

Image Credit: ABC

Samantha was one of the smartest contestants on her season. She went to college at the University of North Florida and law school at the Florida Coastal School of Law. Unfortunately, all that education did not help her make it far with Ben, and she was eliminated in Week 2. She’s still a lawyer in Tampa, so just know that if you live in the area and need a personal injury attorney, you can get one who once lived in the Bachelor mansion.

Corinne Olympios

Season 21: Nick

Image Credit: Corinne’s Instagram

Corinne was one of the more divisive contestants on Nick’s season (this seems to be a trend for Florida contestants), but she sure had her share of fans. She made it all the way to the top 4 on The Bachelor, so we got to see Nick visit her hometown in Miami, where she showed him her family’s mansion and took him on a $3,000 shopping trip at the Bal Harbour Shops to show how she spends an average day. After being eliminated from The Bachelor, she became a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise and was involved in a sexual misconduct scandal. She is now back to her normal life of spending way too much money in Miami. She recently started a Beauty company called Platinum Beauty Shop by Corinne Olympios where she sells lip products of all kinds.

Astrid Loch

Season 21: Nick

Image Credit: Astrid’s Instagram

Astrid was born in Germany but spent a large part of her life living in Tampa. She made it to week 4 on The Bachelor before getting eliminated. She later returned to the show for Bachelor in Paradise season 5, where she fell in love with Canadian Kevin Wendt. The two are still together and Astrid has recently left the Florida heat to live with her beau in chilly Toronto. We’re seriously rooting for these two!

Ashley Luebke

Season 22: Arie

Image Credit: Ashley’s Instagram

Ashley has lived in Florida all her life. She attended Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts for high school and Florida Gulf Coast University for college. Unfortunately, this Palm Beach girl failed to win Arie’s heart, getting eliminated in week 5. Ashley is currently a real estate agent, continuing the career path she was on before going on the show. According to instagram, she’s living her best Florida life, spending her days beachside as much as possible. Arie who?

Bibiana Julian

Season 22: Arie

Image Credit: Bibiana’s Instagram

Bibiana is a Miami native and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. She didn’t make it far on Arie’s season, eliminated on Week 3, but she definitely captured the audience and earned some true fans none-the-less. She was later cast on both The Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise, failing to find love both times. She was recently rumored to be dating former Bachelor Nation member, Peter Kraus, but has denied the rumors.