Remarkable Tattoo Artists in the Orlando Area

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Disclaimer: This list has my picks of tattoo artists in the Orlando area. The choices were solely based on our limited expertise in tattoo and might not match your opinion. These names aren’t in any specific order.

We chose those picks based on our limited knowledge in the tattoo technicalities as line work, color saturation, and overall creativity of designs. We also tried to include artists from different styles of tattooing to cover wide range of options for those considering getting a tattoo.


Scott Lukacs

Lukacs is an outstanding tattoo artist who specializes in large pieces. His style leans towards the Japanese style of tattooing that requires a lot of skill and expertise to illustrate the required amount of details. He is currently a tattoo artist in Rise Above tattoo. You can follow his work on his Instagram, @lukacsarts.


Justin (Uncle Trashcan) Lynn

Uncle Trashcan is without a doubt one of the best Orlando has to offer. He specializes in the black and grey surrealism style of tattooing, but what makes him stand out from everyone else is the amount of details he implements into his work. Uncle Trashcan achieves that level of detailing by continuously challenging himself to enhance his linework. As a result of continuous dedication and practice using single needle, he offers a level of details that is unmatched. Currently he is tattooing at Built 4 Speed Tattoo shop. Make sure to follow his on Instagram @uncle_trashcan


Russell Van Schaick (Find your smile)

Russell Van Schaick’s tattoos will steal your heart once you look at them. His tattoo style is in the Watercolor/New School territory and his outstanding talent is undeniable. His artworks are characterized by the vibrant colors and the details that bring his cartoonish designs to life. He is also one of the few artists who practices and is aiming to master the patch tattoo style. You can contact Russell at his Email: [email protected]


Jime Litwalk

Litwalk doesn’t need much introduction as he is well known for his appearance on the tattoo focused show, “Ink Master”. Jime was the runner up in season 3 on Ink Master and returned to the show in season 7. This reflects the high level of tattooing Jime can deliver as this show is considered the battlefield of top tattoo artists. He’s famous for his New School tattooing style, to which he adds his own signature touches to become “Jime Litwalk style”. His work can be mainly found at Ascension Tattoo Studio. Keep up with Jime on his Instagram at @jimelitwalk


Legion Avegno

Avegno is a very talented hardworking artist. All you have to do is flip through his portfolio to see the progression. He specializes in a Black and Grey/Realism style of tattooing. This requires a lot of practice and experience to produce stunning pieces with high quality. One the most challenging parts of the realism style is making the piece come to life, especially when you only work with black and grey as the case with Avegno. He can be found currently at The Fallen Sparrow Tattoo Company. Follow Legion on his Instagram at @legion_avegno



Another Fallen Sparrow that we love, Barythaya is the jack of all trades at Fallen Sparrow. She can excel at whatever is thrown at her. If you look at her portfolio, you will be able to see pieces from different styles such as Black and Grey Realism/Colored Realism/Patterns/Calligraphy. Her attention to detail and skill in detailing as well as single needle work are what makes her tattoos unique and beautiful. Follow Barythaya on her Instagram @barythaya



Roly is one of the best this town has to offer. He has an amazing set of skills and artistic sense, which qualified him to be an “Ink Master” season 10 finalist. His pieces are known for realism along with the right color choices that bring them to life. In some cases, he chooses not to use colors in his pieces and keep them as black and grey realism, and he still excels with that choice as well. He can be found currently at The Divine Canvas Tattoos. Check the remaining of Roly’s Portfolio at Instagram @roly_tattoos


Ricky (Sargent Ink) Barnett Jr.

Ricky is an upcoming storm of talent. At 21 he is very skilled with the techniques of tattooing and the choice of colors to pop his artwork to life. He specializes at Color Realism and Black and Grey tattoos. His artistic sense and skills are undeniable. He can be found at Fine Ink tattoos. Don’t forget to check his artwork on his Instagram @sargent_ink


Orlando has a lot of stunning tattoo artists that we definitely missed, the list can go forever with the amount of talent found in this area of Florida.

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