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What is a Florida Estate Sale?

So you hear the term “Florida estate sale” and are wondering what that means? It sounds like it might be a sale of an estate or home. And while the sale of estate homes may be considered an “estate sale”, the term actually refers to a complete liquidation sale of the belongings in that home or estate. It is a way of liquidating all of the belongings in a home. Typically this happens when the owner or family needs to sell the items quickly and clear out the home. Most often from a death, bankruptcy, divorce, moving or simply downsizing. Some Estate Sale companies will offer appraisal services and auctions on some of the items.

What does a Florida Estate Sale Company do and why hire one?

Most estate companies will do all of the work and handle everything from start to finish. They go through the whole house, pull everything out of closets and drawers and organize the items into the rooms in the house. They add prices, sort things by price and type. Then they host the sale promoting it on places like, on their website and social media platforms and to their list of followers. There is no better promotions for selling your household stuff, then putting it in the hands of a professional who knows how to get the word out and has a loyal following who seeks those rare finds. After the sale, most estate sale companies will remove everything and leave the premises clean and clear. This is a great solution to get the home ready quickly to be listed for sale.

Some estate sales are so popular that there are lines outside waiting to get in when it opens. Often there will be a sign in sheet or number system to make sure the first people there get first dibs on the items.

Shopping Florida Estate Sales

Walking through an estate sale is fun. Most are set up throughout the home with the items neatly set out and priced. This includes everything from shoes to appliances to furniture and there is always a ton of stuff to be found. If you want something that you can’t carry, be sure to let them know right away so they can mark it as “sold” and no one else will be able to purchase. Some larger and more expensive items might be put for sale as an auction item where bidding will take place. Check with the hosts to learn more.

Florida Estate sales are different from garage sales

Estate sales typically offer more than a garage sale because in an estate sale, everything in the house is being sold. The opportunity to find complete sets in furniture, dishes and even linens, is much easier at an estate sale.

Tips for Estate Sale Shopping

  • Get there early if you want to get the best stuff. Estate sales are popular for antique dealers and thrift shop retailers as well as those who run a business re-selling other’s goods. They are typically on a first come first served basis.
  • Don’t ask for discounts. If you want a discount, go on the last day of the sale when things will be marked down and hope that the item you want is still available.
  • Make sure you understand the payment policy. Some sales take credit cards, others only cash.
  • Maintain good etiquette and don’t cut the line, if there is one, and be courteous to others. Everyone wants a good deal.
  • Don’t carry a large purse or bag. Most companies will not let you bring in purses or large bags as they are a bit leery of their small items.

When visiting any Florida Estate Sale, be ready to buy something, even if you don’t think you will! Every estate sales has some unique items, some really great deals on items you didn’t realize you needed or wanted, and always lots of stuff to choose from. So go and have some fun and find good deals!

We will be featuring some of the best estate sale companies for every region in Florida soon in order to help you find some great deals. Contact us to learn more about featuring your business.

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