Top 5 Universities in Florida to study Hurricanes

Want to be a Hurricane expert and study storms? Florida is the place to be!

With storm systems and sub-tropical thunderstorms, Florida schools are in the perfect location to study storms and hurricanes. Florida has some of the top meteorology programs in the U.S. and we’ve chosen the best of the best universities and schools to become an expert.

Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida

With the panhandle being one of the most commonly hit areas in Florida, studying meteorology in Tallahassee offers you the opportunity to study storm systems firsthand. FSU Meteorology Department is one of the oldest meteorology programs in the nation and offers one of the most extensive programs in the U.S. With a full suite of meteorological software developed by UNIDATA and the office of the State Climatologist of Florida and the Florida Climate Center on campus, students are directly connected to professionals and the best technology for studying storms.

Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Florida

One of the top BS Meteorology Degree programs in the country featuring top-notch facilities and access to the National Weather Service site in Melbourne and the USAF Launch support teams at Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force station.

University of Miami – Miami, Florida

South Florida is the perfect place to study storms with sub-tropical storms and hurricanes coming from both the gulf and the atlantic. At UM Rosenstiel School, classes are small with strong faculty involvement. Students who are interested can also double major or add a minor in broadcast journalism.

Florida International University – Miami, Florida

With NOAA’s National Hurricane Center is located right on campus at FIU, it is a great place to study if you are interested in hurricanes. FIU’s Department of Earth and Environment offers a BS degree in Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in meteorology and climatology.

University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida

UF offers certificates in Meteorology and Climatology and includes an advanced course in Hurricanes.

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