Why the Oviedo Mall is NOT Closing

And What to Look Forward to

Parents, kids, and teens all ask the same question:

What’s happening to their beloved mall?

One after another, stores and fast food restaurants have closed or relocated at the lack of business or attraction. Those local to the Oviedo area are getting worried. How much longer until the mall is gone for good? Well, locals will be pleased to know that the mall is here to stay, and it isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

Entertainment for families and friends

Recently, entertainment centers like District Eat and Play and Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum have opened in the mall, drawing in more attention and customers to the area. Their goal is to create a family friendly environment for people of all ages to enjoy. While Arcadia provides exhibits and learning experiences for younger kids, District Eat and Play has enough to offer for the entire family to enjoy. It features escape rooms, arcade games, virtual reality, bowling, and coming soon: laser tag! There’s also rumors Arcadia may be adding a rock climbing wall as an additional exhibit, but these aren’t the only two stores to visit the mall for.

Kids can also visit the Mad Science Laboratory and O2B Kids! on the other end of the mall, which provide rich learning experiences and classes for children of varying ages and interests. There are even summer camps, after school programs, and preschool programs to occupy children while the parents are busy. At Penguin Point Productions, there are camps and classes in musical theatre, acting, directing, script writing, and much more for kids and adults interested in theatre professions.

What’s in it for the adults?

On the second floor of the mall is the Regal movie theater, attracting all movie goers with the latest releases and exciting new popcorn flavors and candies at the concession stands, but if you’re on a budget, there’s still options. A lot of these entertainment centers offer great deals and coupons. On Tuesdays, enjoy a $6 movie ticket, and with a Crown Club card, cheaper popcorn deals too! Then head over to District Eat and Play where Tuesdays are BOGO on escape rooms, arcade games, and bowling games, and participate in a free round of trivia for prizes and more. Adults can also have fun at Calliope Street, sipping on wine and taking paint classes to create their own masterpieces.

And more!

Aside from the entertainment, there are still many popular stores throughout the mall, like Victoria Secret, Hallmark, Sears, Pandora, and many more. The Paul Mitchell School is always accepting hair appointments, and there’s a nail salon on each end of the mall. There’s a large food court with many popular fast food chains and dessert options as well as sit down restaurants.

There is a lot to love about the Oviedo Mall, and despite the stores that have vanished in the past, the mall intends to continue to grow with its recent additions not diminish.


Main image credits: Oviedo Mall Facebook

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