Florida Umbrella Schools

Florida’s umbrella schools are schools that provide support and a "private school" for families who choose to homeschool. These schools offer an alternative for education at home that provides the structure and accountability required by the state and local school district. This gives families the freedom to education their children at home while still complying with the state. The student is considered by the state to be enrolled in a private school, rather than a homeschool program.

This helps parents comply with the states compulsory school attendance laws. Parents submit attendance records to the umbrella school who maintains the records for compliance. In addition, most offer diplomas, transcripts and report cards. Parents still have flexibility to choose learning times, curriculum and how they wish to teach their children. 

Some umbrella schools offer additional services including curriculum, on campus classes, field trips, group learning and more. Umbrella schools have been growing in the state of Florida due to the flexibility, accountability and community giving Florida families more choices in determining the education needs of their children. 

Florida Listings

K-12 non-traditional private school registered with the Florida Department of Education. Unlike most public or other private schools, Vitarete Academy believes that when various educational choices are available, parents and students are able to make the best educational choices for their families. 

Vitarete Academy’s goal is to help give families throughout the State of Florida the freedom and encouragement to choose the best educational options for their child while benefiting from the many professional services that come from enrolling in a non-traditional private school.

K-12 non-campus private umbrella school registered in the State of Florida.

Private school designed for home educated students grades K-12. They provide an "umbrella" to homeschooling families in all counties within the state of Florida.

Florida Department of Education recognized non-profit K-12 private school in the state of Florida. Enrollment in AEI legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. AEI students reside throughout the state and are taught primarily by their parents. Many of their students use online curriculum which includes FLVS. 


K5-12 Private Umbrella School that serves as a legal umbrella school for homeschoolers in the State of Florida. Students enrolled are considered private school students while being homeschooled.

Provides the accountability, academic support and secretarial support of a private school while maintaining and facilitating the freedom and flexibility of Homeschooling. Services also include extracurricular activities, field trips and co-op participation. 

School for homeschoolers ages 5-18 that includes a personal touch with a staff who are certified teachers as well as professionals who homeschooled their own children. Offer a full range of services to help you in the education of your child.

Offers a low-cost K-12 private umbrella school option to Florida families choosing to educate their children at home. Offering a year-round enrollment with services that include record keeping, FLVS enrollment, possible dual enrollment opportunities, diplomas, transcripts, assistance with Florida Bright Futures Scholarship applications, free student and educator identification cards, support, and more!

K-12, non-campus based private umbrella school serving homeschooling families in Florida. Lead by homeschoolers who support and facilitate homeschooling as an educational choice. Enrollment in Atrium School satisfies the state’s compulsory attendance statutes and you do not have to register with the superintendent as a home educator.

Offering Florida homeschooling families two distinct enrollment programs so that families can select the level of support and guidance that’s right for them, either independent study or a fully enrolled program. 

Registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private non-public school serving as an umbrella for home educated students in the state of Florida. Provides parents with a structured organization and accountability of a school while enjoying the benefits of teaching at home. 

K-12 Private school serving the educational needs of the local community combining the full services of a private school administration office with the advantages, personal assistance, and accountability needed to make the home education experience a success.

Recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a private, non-profit school located in Florida. Crossroads provides accountability, support, curriculum counseling, transfer of records, maintenance of transcripts, identification cards, semester or annual report cards, accredited high school diploma, and more.

K-12 Private umbrella school registered with the state of Florida providing a non-campus based education for homeschool students. Services include attendance, testing, transcripts, report cards and more. The director is a certified educator who puts together creative lesson plans, workshops, field trips and more.  

We are a non-traditional private school for homebased education we support Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Baker and Nassau County Students. We provide support for a parent-child lead schooling that happens with in their home with the curriculum of their choosing. We have a guidance counselor, we provide transcripts, and dual enrollment options. We are accredited and provide a diploma and graduation.

Registered K-12 Florida Private Umbrella School for Homeschoolers offering record keeping services to comply with Florida Homeschool Requirements. Other services include online reporting, diplomas, group adventures and more.

Free not for profit umbrella school that legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. Enrollment in HAFS is available to all students who live in any county in the state of Florida who are taught by their parents. 

Registered with the State of Florida under Statue 617 as a private school accepting home schooled students from any county in the state of Florida.  Olivet is a private school consisting of parent-teachers who educate their children at home.  As such, the parent-teachers are responsible to research and define their program of studies.  The administrative personnel of Olivet are parent-teachers who offer additional services and activities and are willing to help in any possible.

K-12 Private "umbrella" school for home educated students in Florida. Designed solely to help you comply with Florida's compulsory school attendance laws.  There is no actual school building and it is up to you to decide on the curriculum used and how and when your children are taught.  

Non-profit/ non-traditional private umbrella school offering assistance, support, encouragement and monthly opportunities for homeschoolers and their families in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Created through the growing educational needs of homeschooling families like yours in our community. Education is changing and The Bridge offers a unique option for home educated and parent directed education. 

Accredited private school registered in the state of Florida for the support of K-12 Distance Learning. Dedicated to providing your family with administrative and academic oversight so that you can be free to pursue your child’s education in that wholesome and loving environment where learning is a natural part of everyday life – your home.

Free Virtual Private School registered in the State of Florida to provide a non-campus based private school in order to support homeschoolers throughout the state. Offers attendance, free online school, supplemental materials and more. You choose how you want to educate your children.

K-12 alternative private school registered with Florida Department of Education serving students in Manatee and Sarasota counties learning in out-of-school environments.