Jackson County

Jackson County is located in Northwest Florida in the Panhandle bordering Georgia, Alabama and Holmes, Washington, Calhoun, Gadsden, and Bay Counties. 

Jackson County was established from Escambia County in 1822 and named for Andrew Jackson, governor of the territories of East and West Florida.

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The Baptist College of Florida is a Christian college in Graceville sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention. It was originally a school designed to train baptist ministers. Today BCF offers many degree programs in liberal arts and religion. It also has recognized music undergraduate and graduate programs.

Through the years Campbellton-Graceville Hospital has helped generation after generation reach better health. The organization has strived to serve the needs of their region ever since it was established. Campbellton-Graceville Hospital is loyal to its community and will continue to strive for excellence in healthcare.

The Jackson County Public Library has two branches in Marianna and Graceville serving the people of Jackson County.

We are homeschooling families enjoying a lifestyle of curiosity and learning. CHE members are not organized around a particular curriculum or teaching style, because we recognize that each family knows what works best for them. Many of our members are Christians, but a statement of faith is not required to join Chipola Home Educators. Our purpose is to enrich the educational and social quality of each homeschooling family. We do this by providing field trips and group activities each month.