Florida Sandhills (High Pine)

Florida Sandhills are higher land areas that are typically covered with Longleaf Pines and Turkey Oaks. This unique ecological system is found in the northern part of Florida.

This ecosystem offers a mix of sandy soils and slightly higher elevation, creating an ideal habitat for many species of cat, fox and other wildlife. Sandhills are also home to a variety of plant life such as wildflowers, shrubs and ferns that thrive in the sandy soils and sunny environment. A number of rare plant communities can be found here, including Florida rosemary, Florida Torreya, Myrica cerifera (wax myrtle) and many more.

In addition to its ecological diversity, the sandhills also provide a unique recreational opportunity for hikers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike. Sandhills are an important part of Florida’s natural heritage, providing open spaces with beautiful scenery and plenty of wildlife sightings.

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