Santa Rosa County

Santa Rosa County is located in northwest Florida in the Panhandle bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama, and Escambia and Okaloosa Counties. 

Santa Rosa County was established in 1842 from a portion of Escambia County and named for Santa Rosa Island, which was named for the Catholic Saint, St. Rosa de Viterbo. 

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Open every day of the year, Blackwater Heritage State Park is a great place to go for mountain biking or just plain old bicycling, hiking, and horseback riding. The paved trails, which add up to more than nine miles in total, are great for walkers too, and some paths are shaded for more enjoyment. People also find some great photography shots of nature while they are here, with the wildlife that lives so peacefully here. There are multiple wooden bridges throughout the state park that exercisers can walk/ride over with creeks running underneath them. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash, so feel free to bring your little four legged friend with you. Restroom facilities, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, and water fountains are also found around the state park. 

Blackwater River State Park is made for the outdoor enthusiasts. Activities like canoeing, kayaking, camping, and picnicking are some of the more popular activities, along with walking through the park's nature trails surrounded by trees. Blackwater State Forest and Blackwater River State Park are a part of the largest longleaf pine ecosystem that's left in the world. They say it's even rarer than a tropic rainforest, so be sure to bring your camera when you visit to get some excellent photography shots of nature at its finest. Guests can also came here in tents or RV's if they want to make their stay a little longer.

Not only is this a beach where people can swim, it also has a rare dune lake within the property. In this coastal dune, visitors can expect to find magnolias, golden asters, woody goldenrod, and scrub oaks as well as more rare plants like the spoonflower, pitcher plants, and Curtiss' sand grass within the park. There are also plenty of other wildflowers to add color to this attractive state park as well as some nature trails for the nature lovers. Visitors like to walk across the dunes to the beach and picnic with their friends and families during the nicer weather. Fishing is also allowed here so be sure to bring your fishing rods if you're a fan of fishing. 

NAS Whiting Field is a U.S. Navy base in the town of Milton, Florida. Consisting of two separate airfields, one for training fixed wing aviators and the other for training rotary wing aviators, they are joined together by a common support area. Most future Navy aviators train at NAS Whiting Field as they pursue becoming fully qualified pilots. The NAS Whiting Field website states its mission is “to produce the military’s best trained Aviation Warfighter.”

Santa Rosa County School District is located in the beautiful panhandle of Florida. The school district has authority over 28 traditional schools and a number of specialized centers.

Are you ready to spice your day up with some fun nature and excitement? Yellow River Marsh Preserve Park has just what you're looking for. They offer birding, hiking nature trails, and wildlife viewing. It’s time to live a little and experience your adventurous side, and it’s okay to get your feet in the mud once in a while. Whether it be a trail with your husband or loved ones or to get some good ole exercise with a hike.

This state park is one of the last few parks that offers tracts of wet prairie, including of the largest community of pitcher plants in the state. No matter when you feel like planning that trip down here, we will be ready and open. If you need to spruce up your Instagram feed with some great and breathtaking pictures, they've got you covered! They have beautiful carnivorous plants that flourish here as well as 20 rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Don’t be afraid to snap those pictures and interact with the wildlife, they won’t bite. Ok maybe they will.

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The Santa Rosa County Library System has 5 branches in Pace, Navarre, Milton, Jay, and Gulf Breeze.

Try a little bit of everything here in Santa Rosa County. With a huge number of options for physical activity, like horse riding, sports programs, and some great dog parks, check out the details of just a few of what this area has to offer.

Santa Rosa High School offers students ages 16-21 who have left the traditional high school setting the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma.

GCCHEA, a Christian homeschool group, is one of the largest homeschool groups in the area. A large close-knit community of homeschoolers in Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties offers an extensive forum and activities planned by the members.